Last of basket quilts for now . . .

I have just a few more to share for now.

The first one is a small basket quilt that was in my JLW Club 8, I really like the setting on this small quilt and always planned to make another one in different colors as I saw so many posted to the Stitchers Group the year that Club 8 ran.  I loved so many of them and wanted another one, well that hasn’t happened yet, hopefully one of these days.

Meg's Baskets - JLW Club 8


This next quilt is interesting in that it started out to be just the 25 Patch blocks.  I didn’t’ like them when I got them sewed.  Appliqué always makes things better, so designed and stitched the center block in a size to fit, then added figured out and added the outer border.  This quilt ended up JLW Club #1 !!

Prairie Basket, JLW Club #1


The next picture shows the small version of the appliqué baskets from the book by Blackbird Designs, ‘When the Cold Wind Blows’.  I like it over the back of the windsor bench in our dining room.

my small version of a quilt in Blackbird Designs book 'When the Cold Wind Blows', I enjoyed stitching it two or three years ago during the winter, and now enjoy it over the back of the windsor bench in the Spring of the year.


This next to the last quilt was a gift from a nice lady when I went to Winfield, Illinois to teach a few years ago at the Quilt Merchant.  I was surprised and pleased to take this treasure home with me.  Here it is shown over a vintage windsor chair in the den before we bought furniture for the den and after our kitchen remodel.    I like how it looks here and also use it over the arm of the love seat in our living room.

Wonderful basket quilt gift from a few years ago.


And finally here is the sweet little basket quilt I made from the exchange blocks from a hand pieced block exchange on the Stitchers Group.

The blocks were made using Cindy Blackberg’s stamps so the blocks would be the same size in the exchange.  This is a precious memory quilt for me with blocks from internet friends, some I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person.  You can see the entire assortment of stamps that Cindy offers on her website:

Sweet little basket blocks from a hand pieced block exchange on the Stitchers Group, now quilted and bound


Last of basket quilts for now . . . — 5 Comments

  1. LOVE the Prairie Basket Quilt! It is in one of your books too <> I’ve always thought the Blackbird Desings basket quilt would be great in pink and browns~ My someday quilt~

  2. Jo, please consider republishing your baskets book. That is a book that I’ve been trying to locate for ages. You could up-date it with some newer creations. It would be wonderful!

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