The Basket Quilt saga continues . . .

A few more to share today . . . . first three are made using the same block.

1st version made in 2001, with Harriet Hargrave's fabric line

Indigo, cadet, clarets and reds with assorted shirtings, a turn of the century appeal.

The next quilt is the double handle basket in pinks and browns, it was in the book ‘Small Quilts with Vintage Charm’ that I did with C&T Publishing in 2005.  Some of the basket blocks were hand pieced, some were machine pieced, the quilt was hand quilted by me.

pink/brown version of Rebecca's Baskets in 'Vintage Charm' book with C&T Publishing


Then I decided I needed that same setting in Jo fabrics, so we made the next one with pieces from Fredericksburg (2005), it was machine quilted.

Rebecca's Baskets in black/gold/red - still sweet!


I’ve also made more than one quilt using the sweet 4″ Cake Stand block, one was shown a day or two ago as ‘Betsy’s Baskets’.  Then we decided to make lots of this block, for a total of 80 and set them with brown – also inspired by my friend Betsy in TX.

Check back, there are still a few more to share!  Thanks!       Jo

Here it is 'over the cupboard door' - a favorite displace space in our home

Betsy's Baskets - love quilts made with lots of small blocks, don't you?


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    • I knew it was available on C&T’s website as a ‘print on demand’ (POD) version, didn’t know it was available thru Amazon, must be an agreement with C&T as they hold the rights to the book.
      Jo in Maine, so lovely, charming and beautiful here!

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