More on Basket Quilts . . .

I’m surprised how many basket quilts I have!  And I’m thinking I could use a new one, would need to find a basket, figure out a setting, color palette and . . . or maybe finish some other starts first?  Constant dilemma.

In the meantime, I’ll begin with an out of print BOM called Anna’s Blue Baskets, was from around 2000 I think.

Chloe approves of this one - 'Anna's Blue Baskets' a BOM offered around 2000 or 2001, out of print, but still pretty! Maybe it needs to be redone and republished? What do you think?


Next are a couple more basket quilts from my Collecting Baskets (out of print) book.  The first one is Elegant Baskets, seems we had leftovers from Anna’s Blue Baskets – seriously!  Lack of planning?  Just kind of happened actually, on the other hand leftovers can be a good thing in quiltmaking or in the kitchen.

Elegant Basket, was in 'Collecting Baskets' 2001 - out of print

And the next one is called ‘Anna’s Extras’ – I think you can figure out why.   🙂

Anna's Extras - you know the reason for the name . . .

I think a lot of you know me due to pieced quilts in my books and JLW Club.  I also love appliqué and surprised myself at these larger block quilts I made in the past.  Still very pretty, no big wall to hang them to enjoy is my problem, but notice it is ‘my’ problem no one else’s.   These quilts were obviously made before signing on with Andover fabrics.  The beautiful teal floral border on ‘Anna’s Extras’ was a Brackman/Thompson gorgeous piece from over 10 years ago, gee time flies when having fun!

Below is a link to my friend’s Blog with more info about her beautiful basket quilt in pinks and browns, designed by my friend Betsy Chutchian (Texas), and made with her fabric line ‘Hot for Chocolate II’ with Blue Hill Fabrics.  This quilt is in the new issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, issue #116, June 2012, page 48.              April 6th post.

Enjoy!  Stay tuned for more beautiful baskets and inspiration . . .





More on Basket Quilts . . . — 9 Comments

  1. Jo, I love all the basket quilts. I have several done but need to make many more, especially Anna’s Blue Baskets. I do have the pattern set, now have to find the time.

    Can’t wait to see more. Sue

  2. I remember seeing Anna’s Blue Baskets in a catalog, maybe the shop in NH? I loved it then, too. Yes – it’s definitely time to republish it!!!

  3. Please reprint those beautiful applique blocks. I learned to applique in Jo’s Little Women’s club and I’m hungry for a big project. Just beautiful.

  4. I am handquilting Anna’s Blue Basket… I added an applique border to make it a bit bigger… I have been working on it off and on forever…. It is beautiful…

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