A few more basket quilts for Spring or . . . for whenever

I like basket quilts year round, not just during the spring.  But since I don’t have much seasonal decor (other than Christmas), changing quilts is the way I change seasons or Holidays.

This first quilt today I named Hattie’s Baskets, this small quilt, approx 24″ x 24″, was entirely hand pieced, hand quilted and the binding attached by hand also.  I made it in 1986 – yes 26 years ago, in my learning to quilt years, it was year 6.  Interesting to look back for a while.  I also made it into a pattern when I began my pattern business in 1995.  Do you remember it?  For newbies – out of print.

Hattie's Baskets, made in 1985

The next quilt – Aunt Hattie’s Basket quilt was made in 1986-1987.  l986 was my chemo year (actually March 1986 to March 1987), I was asked to design the opportunity (aka raffle) quilt for the 1988 Symposium hosted by the Nebraska State Quilt Guild.  I was actually very pleased to be asked to design the quilt, because I then knew that other people knew I would be OK!

My good friends in Omaha suggested that I create kits for the blocks, they would send them out to be pieced, so I would have help making the quilt, they even had the blocks sent back to them.  I did sew the top together, then the quilting bees began.  These same friends helped set up the bees and asked for hand quilting help.  (side note – today it would be sent out and machine quilted wouldn’t it)

Russ really liked that quilt and I had given it away.  I decided I should remake that quilt for Russ.  So in 2000 (OK it took me 12 years to decide I should do that) I began pulling some of those same fabrics from my ‘fabric collection’, luckily I had most of the same fabrics and enough for the border too!  I wanted this quilt hand quilted and it wasn’t happening, I finally asked a friend who hand quilts for hire if she would be interested, she took on the big job and it took some time, but so worth it.  I published the pattern in my second book ‘Collecting Baskets’ in 2001.  FYI – book has been out of print for years.

Aunt Hattie's Baskets - 2001

This next quilt I call Rebecca’s Baskets (aka Double Handle Basket in a different setting).  This setting is the one I used for teaching the double handle basket block.  It was published in American Patchwork and Quilting, Issue 65, December 2003, page 28.

Rebecca's Baskets

Here is a picture of my book ‘Collecting Baskets’ published in 2001 – out of print.

cover of 'Collecting Baskets'


That is it for today, more to come, stay tuned!

May all your baskets be full with blessings.



A few more basket quilts for Spring or . . . for whenever — 3 Comments

  1. I’m smiling because I was lucky enough to pick up this book at your last retreat! Such a lucky girl I am. . . . Your basket quilts are just beautiful.

  2. dear Jo, this is my most favorite quilt pattern on this planet. I too love baskets quilts and after down sizing I needed to enjoy miniature or small quilts so my new adventure in small quilts. I made Hattie’s baskets and loved it so much that I challenged myself to reduce the pattern. I loved that so much that I reduced it again. I repeated this two more times. So began my adventure in reducing quilt patterns and antique quilts that I have found in antique stores. By the way I used fabrics that closely matched your original choice. I continue to purchase your patterns and fabrics.

    I have made many of the quilts. I plan to reduce the double handle basket. thanks for sharing your history and story about Hattie’s basket quilts. May you be blessed with good health and many opportunities to create. Piece and blessings.

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