Spring and basket quilts


I’m not a fancy decorator, so when Spring arrives I bring out basket quilts to enjoy.  I looked around the house and found some I’d forgotten about (how can that happen?), found pictures of more!  I’ve decided to share some basket quilt pictures to welcome Spring!

From the JMStitchers group hand pieced block exchange, almost done! I like this setting for them, sweet friends.

Do you love a certain block and find you use it over and over or look for variations?

Double Handle Baskets in Coming Home book

I’ve made several variations using the Double Handle Basket block, this is one of them.

Emily's Hand Pieced Baskets is in Coming Home book, currently on exhibit in PA

I stitched on Emily while I had a broken toe.   🙂

Beth's Baskets was in JLW Club 3 and in Vintage Journey book


Betsy's Baskets, JLW Club 6 and Vintage Journey book

Betsy's Basket's colors are perfect for the Holidays too!


Star Flowers & Berries, JLW Club 4 and Vintage Journey book

I’ll look around and post some more basket quilt pictures in a day or two.  Enjoy!



Spring and basket quilts — 3 Comments

  1. I absolutely love basket quilts and your dble handled one has been one of my must doooo`s for a very long time.
    They are all lovely that you have posted and always give a great incentive.
    I have a quilty friend that does not like baskets…I cannot understand why they are beautiful to me and I love all variations.

  2. Love your basket quilts Jo! And the setting of the hand pieced baskets from the Stitcher’s exchange is fabulous…absolutely perfect! Hugs, Elaine

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