follow up to Texas Trip

The blue bonnets were the most beautiful I’ve seen in the six years I’ve been going in the Spring to teach for my friends Betsy and Mary, at the Retreat Center near Milford, Texas.

Up close, out side the Retreat center - so full and beautiful!

fields of blue bonnets along the road side

The Retreat was based on the square in a square block  that I called the Double Square to confuse them a bit.  I took along several variations and settings using this block so the girls could make what they wanted.  It was so inspiring to me to see them change up colors and settings and have fun.  We sewed our brains out, well not quiet, but they made great headway on their projects.

the ladies made some or a lot of these

I also got to sew, I started or worked on 5 or 6 different projects I took along.  One was a pattern I bought last year during Retreat and finally took the time to start it, have 4 of the 16 blocks sewn, two more partially cut out.  Got up most mornings between 6 and 7, went to bed at midnight or so.  I don’t do that at home, I go to bed usually by 10pm.  Of course when one is fed and can walk to the sewing room, no bills to pay, no laundry to do, no errands, well the sewing time was precious and fun.  Mostly it was wonderful to spend time with my Texas friends.  However, when I returned home guess what I’m doing this week?  Yep, laundry, paying bills, running errands, need to work on directions too.

I took my laptop along just in case, and I did need to email orders back home to my friend Cindy to see that they were filled and shipped.

Since I had my laptop, and there was WiFi, I kept an eye on the Eagle Cam in Decorah, Iowa, the 3 eggs hatched while I was in Texas, missed seeing the eggs open, but was fun to watch the mom and dad caring and bringing food, and the baby eaglets begin their life.  I check it during the day while working at the computer at home too.

I do love the food in Texas, we went to a Mexican Restaurant (a tradition), I ordered fajita nachos – really big yum.

Fajita Nachos - big yum

Hope you all got in lots of sewing time too!   Happy Stitching!        Jo back home in Nebraska


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  1. Oh, the bluebonnets are so beautiful. They remind me of the lupine that grew roadside in Maine. So pretty. Oh, those quilt blocks – how I love the square in a square, just about as much as the nine-patch. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jo – We did have a great time! Got lots of sewing – and visiting – and eating – and more sewing done. And yes, the bluebonnets have been spectacular this year – best I’ve seen in a long time. Guess it was the rain that we FINALLY got that did it.

    See you at Market!

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