Jo in Texas

I’m in Texas this week teaching at Retreats for my friend Betsy.  I flew into DFW on Sunday afternoon.  We had a restful day Monday, did a little shopping and grabbed some snacks for late sewing.

Tuesday morning we drove to Milford, TX to Our Home Retreat Center.  We eat, sleep and sew here.  We can stay up late, or get up early and go sew.

This is the 6th year (I think).  It is fun to come annually and hang out with my Texas friends, I teach and drum roll please . . . I get to sew!  In past years, during my playing and sewing, I’ve usually come up with something for a future JLW Club project or get started on a new quilt.  I totally get why you all love Retreating!

I plan to post some pictures next week (if I forget, feel free to remind me), as the camera cord to the computer is at home in Nebraska.  But I didn’t forget anything else!

Life is good.

Happy sewing!     Jo

P.S.  If you are looking for shops that run the JLW Club, there is a link (or a ‘click here’) on the JLW Club page that will pull up a pdf file with the shops sorted by State, see if there is one near you.



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  1. Glad to hear that you are having a great time Jo! Fun to be at retreat with friends…Life is Good Indeed!
    Hugs, Elaine at the Beach

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