Saturday – is International Quilt Day

In August 2010, Russ and I drove to Boulder, CO and I taped a show with Alex and Ricky for ‘The Quilt Show’   ( ).

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it last summer, you have an opportunity to watch it this weekend as they have opened up their  web TV Show for the entire weekend of March 16 – 18.  This is FREE for these three days.

I appeared as the featured artist on TQS in show #808.  If you missed it, you now have an opportunity to see me in different glasses.   🙂

Alex, Jo and Ricky - taped August 2010

Guess what – I got another pair of new glasses last summer, red frames with tortoise that I’m wearing now.  The frameless ones don’t stay adjusted very well, so I got another new pair.  I mean glasses have to fit too, and not be annoying.

Back to getting ready for my Retreat this weekend, actually starts tomorrow (Friday) morning,  so I’ll be quiet for a few days, well maybe, we will see.

Happy Stitching this important weekend – lots going on – St. Patrick’s Day, International Quilting Day, Spring Break, and last but not least Jo’s Retreat – Sewing at the Orchard.

When I was looking at my calendar for dates for this years Retreats, I had this weekend ‘open’, didn’t realize it was also during Spring Break besides the other important things.  Geeze, what a busy time and seems I can be oblivious to other stuff going on until it all arrives.  Hummmm

I’m going with ‘great timing’!

Happy Stitching!!




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  1. Thanks! I already watched it on Friday! Just wanted to add that I took the Jo Morton class with Betsy Chutchian in Arlington TX last year and really enjoyed it.

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