Tuesday – oh my, two days in a row!

I want to share this, as an FYI.

If you watched the You Tube video from Schoolhouse presentation at Quilt Market in Houston last Fall, you saw my version of a quilt in the collection at the Folk Art Museum in NYC, it has a John Hewson panel in the center.  It was my inspiration to make the quilt.  I don’t know that I’ll be publishing my quilt, will have to get permission to use form the Folk Art Museum and I have lots on my plate right now.

Fabric lines are birthed (like that word?), months in advance of arriving in stores, sometimes almost one year.  I knew about the John Hewson group with Winterthur Museum, so when working on my ‘Alexandria’ line last summer, I wanted to have some pieces that could be used with the Hewson panel.

‘Alexandria’ ships (I believe) late April or May, I received my 5 yard pieces so I can now show what I had in mind.  I hope you have been able to find the John Hewson fabrics either at your favorite local quilt shop or on-line to make your own little piece of history.


Tuesday – oh my, two days in a row! — 3 Comments

  1. Love the look of the panel with Alexandria. Might have to rethink buying one of the panels. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Found the panels at an online shop and purchased them. Now I will be on the lookout for the Alexandria line. So much inspiration.

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