Happy Thanksgiving – belated

The cooking is done and nothing was omitted or forgotten or left behind.
We spent Thanksgiving Day with Russ’s family, this time we went to Omaha to our nieces. The weather cooperated and actually reached an all time high of 72, smashing the prior high of 64, the ‘smashing’ part is quoting the weatherman. I think they use interesting words these days in their forecasts and reporting.

Friday we had my family here at our home, it was still a really nice day although not as warm. I’m grateful my cousin Bill from Wichita drove his mom up for a visit, Nina Mae turned 90 last spring, my mother turned 89, so they had a chance to visit, and we all had a chance to get caught up! Haven’t seen Nina Mae since her birthday party last spring. I told her that part of my reduced travel schedule would allow us time to drive down to see her, no excuses.

Both were wonderful days with our family.
I hope you all had the same good time.

I enjoyed the cooking I did this year, not sure why, it did give me time to mull over some things we have to be thankful for . . . family and friends (near and far), pretty good health, a good year with my business, and some time to make plans for 2012. Part of this plan is to leave ‘time’ just in case something fun comes up, we can go!

I cannot believe this year is almost gone, seems like it was just the 4th of July and now we will be getting out the Christmas tree this weekend and begin to decorate.

I’m also planning some stitching time, maybe in the evenings, I have some projects I want to do, need to do, and the only way I’ll get them done, is to dedicate time to do it. Maybe I ‘ll add an hour in the early morning, start the day stitching, then shower and go to the office . . . I like that idea. Years ago when I sold my small quilts, I would get up and begin quilting at 5AM and quilt for 2 hours, then shower and get on with the day, that added up to 14 hours of quilting each week, besides what I could do in the evenings, you can really move small projects along with that schedule. Some days that is easier said than done, why does life have so many unexpected interruptions?

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs from Nebraska


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  1. I’ve been quilting for quite awhile, it wasn’t until recently I fell in love with civil war fabrics and found your beautiful fabrics. I just joined your blog, so I’m starting with your oldest. I live in Minnesota now, but was born and raised in Nebraska….no wonder I love your fabrics…happy quilting.

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