Aug 19th, 2011 dinner – big yum

Don’t you love this time of year, well if you have a garden you do. And lucky me I have a gardner, my DH, Russ. I don’t garden, but I can be pretty good in the kitchen. I should have arranged this on a pretty plate, but this one will go in the dish washer, that can be a ‘good thing’.

The tomatoes are Brandywine (heirloom tomatoes), thinly sliced fresh mozzarella, fresh chopped basil, chopped Proscuitto (from a speciality store in Omaha), fresh ground pepper, sea salt, drizzle of ‘good’ olive oil (William Sonoma, kind of $$, but oh so good), and a drizzle of ‘good’ balsamic vinegar, oh my a REALLY big yum!

I just want to share some of the good things of summer with you today.

Re: Blogging
I know that when I post to someone else’s Blog, I normally get a reply from them, I certainly don’t expect one, I just want to make a comment about their post.
So when you add a comment to my Blog, please don’t expect to hear from me about your post. OK?
I doing good to ‘Blog’! much less write a reply.
I seem to be buried in email, so . . . I’m not answering, please don’t take offense, just think of it as taking control of time.
Thanks for understanding!
Hugs – enjoy this lovely Sunday evening!
PS – we are inside, there are gnats swarming outside, no breeze to move them along. Oh well!

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