My Office Help . . . .   I need to start here in my office, the control center of the operation: I’d like you to meet my office staff — Socks the black and white tuxedo on the desk looking in my wallet, Tigger the ginger tabby in the window, and precious Chloe, the calico to the right. My staff isn’t very good with messages or paper work other than rearranging, please be sure you leave a phone message or better yet e-mail me, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. My staff isn’t as reliable as they look, but they are darn cute and good companions!

Let’s see what they’ve been up to~

****************************** Fabric News ******************************

Introducing Jo’s newest line! Woodlands




Woodlands designed by Candy Hargrove
Click on the image to download the pattern

*************************** Jo’s Little Womens Club 13 ***************************

New for 2014: Jo’s Little Women’s Club 13

Here are a few of the new projects. Read about Jo’s Little Women’s club here

This is 'Watson' - JLW Club 13.

This is ‘Watson’ – JLW Club 13.

Basket Parade from the new JLW Club 13 - this is what I see from my comfy chair when stitching, I really love this quilt!

“Basket Parade” from JLW Club 13

Manassas quilt for JLW Club 13 for this year - I really love this quit, will use it at home soon.

“Manassas” quilt from JLW Club 13

********** Book News **********

****** My Newest Magazine Projects ******

For All Seasons
My newest book! You can purchase For All Seasons here!

Green Acres American Patchwork & Quilting October 2013

Green Acres
American Patchwork & Quilting October 2013